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Why choose Kolity

Kolity was born in Cologne, Germany
More than 40 global brand franchisees
Won the German Red Dot Design Award twice in 2015 and 2019
Kolity product sell well in more than 30 countries
including Europe, Asia and America

  • Drawer slides
    Drawer slides
  • Push Open
    Push Open
  • Soft Close Hinge
    Soft Close Hinge
  • Pivote Hinge
    Pivote Hinge
  • Manufacture
    Kolity Germany + China's R&D team creates at least 3 home hardware products that are most suitable for the market every year.It has multiple production lines such as automated production, assembly, testing, debugging, and packaging.

    Strong manufacturing capabilities and modern digital services guarantee production delivery.
  • Quality Control<br/> Systemmanufacture
    Quality Control
    In 2011, Kolity established a national testing center,Slide rails and hinges have passed more than 50,000 fatigue tests,Slide rails and hinges pass the neutral salt spray test of level 9 or above within 48 hours,Obtained ISO quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification.

    All products have passed the certification of SGS/BIFMA, an international authoritative testing organization.Product Commitment Lifetime Warranty.

Product series

With excellent product innovation capabilities and customer quality service capabilities,
Kolity is becoming more and more popular among users.
At the same time, it has also obtained a number of product patents and honors.

Our strength

independent R D
Automated manufacturing
Production capacity
Quality inspection
independent R D
Kolity always considers from the perspective of users and market needs, and constantly develops new products,Created a research and development team of more than 20 people, and invested more than 10 million yuan in research and development every year.Continuously enrich the product system of Kolity.
independent R D
Automated manufacturing
Kolity always adheres to independent research and development and production, with core processes such as stamping, molds, springs, and oil cylinders completed independently. It also invests heavily in equipment upgrades and mold production every year.
Automated manufacturing
Production capacity
In order to implement large-scale standardized production,Kolity takes the lead in the independent research and development of automation equipment,currently at the forefront of the industry,Kolity will achieve more than 80% of automated production in the next three years.
Production capacity
Quality inspection
Test center: salt spray test, hardness test,fatigue test, coating thickness test.
Slide rail hinges undergo 50,000 fatigue tests, and 48 hours, the neutral salt spray test of level 9 or above. Implement a lifetime warranty.
Quality inspection

Business all over the world

After years of hard work,business development to more than 60 countries and regions,
has a foreign trade team of more than 10 people.

We provide training for agent staff

  • Product professional knowledge guidance for technicians
  • Design of promotion plan for sales staff
  • Salesperson assisting agency team promote

We offer branding program

Professional co-marketing materials

Factory support terminal promotions
Local social media promotion
Local e-commerce platform promotion
Advertising investment around the production base of the local furniture factory

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