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Insist on R&D and Production

Founded in 2000, Kolity was the earliest enterprise in China to develop and manufacture cabinethinge hydraulic damping system. Kolity provides innovative soft closing hardware technical support for modern home companies and is a promoter ofdamping hardware technology development.
ODM core competitiveness
Innovative, cost-effective products and high-quality services that users need. As long as we can do the above points without hesitation, users will naturally always choose us.
Quality commitment
Product quality is to develop products with care and a sense of responsibility, and to cooperate with the manufacturing details; it is also forged from high-quality production technology and specially selected materials to ensure that each customer is provided with a combination of durability, sustainability, and value. And safe furniture hardware products.
Quick Sampling
The success of a product often depends on the speed of delivery, which also directly affects the speed of the product to market. The new product proofing service can be completed efficiently within 7 days at the fastest, which can greatly save your time, cost and money.
Before customizing the tooling, communicate with customers 3D, 2D drawings, and then quote according to the drawings or prototype. Kolity will take the initiative to sign a confidentiality agreement with customers, and it can ensure that customers products occupy favorable conditions in the market.
Our Quality control
1. Quantity and appearance inspection of finished products;

2. Product specifications, identification, labeling, and dimensional measurement of finished products;

3. On site testing of finished product processes/functions;

4. Finished product packaging method/material inspection;

5. Conduct inspections according to customer specific requirements;

6. During the full inspection process, the inspector shall promptly provide feedback on product quality issues discovered on the same day
The full series of products from Kolity are based on standard samples and related technical parameters, and 100%test on the product.
We all adopt the internationally recognized "Acceptable Quality Limit" (AQL) for normal inspection single sampling quality. Our company adopts the most stringent acceptance value in the industry, and conducts comprehensive inspections on the appearance and function of different products to ensure that every hinge that leaves the factory meets customer acceptance standards.
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