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Factory views

Since 1996, we have spared no effort in research and investment in the field of furniture hardware. We have multiple automated production lines and a rich product line, ranging from kitchen furniture hardware to bathroom and high-end wardrobe hardware accessories in the entire industry chain.

  • <strong>240,000</strong> m²
    plant area
    Factory area of Kolity located in Leliu Industrial Park, Foshan, Guangdong is approximately 24000 square meters.
  • <strong>300</strong> Person
    300 Person
    number of staff
    As of 2022, the number of registered employees of Kolity is 300.
  • <strong>30</strong> Lines
    30 Lines
    production lines
    At present, there are 50 stamping machines, 20 automatic assembly lines and 10 automatic packaging lines.
  • <strong>10</strong> Million
    10 Million
    annual products
    The current production capacity is 10 million hinges and 800,000 slides per month, and the delivery time is as fast as 30 days.

Under the framework of sustainable development, focusing on the high-end furniture hardware market, ODM services are the future development direction.

Kolity has entered a stage of rapid development, and in the future, it will increase production capacity, combine online and offline, three-dimensional development, strengthen its own research and development capabilities, respond to changes in the economic environment, and better serve global users.


Stamping workshop
Production lines
Production lines