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ODM/OEM service

Kolity ODM service has a fast development cycle and guaranteed quality, making it your best choice for developing furniture hardware products. We provide comprehensive consulting services, from design, drawing, sampling, production, packaging, to product promotion and promotion, based on the actual needs of customers. Our one-stop service allows you to quickly enter the market.

customization process

  • Conversation
    Contact us through online and exhibition methods.
  • Requirement
    Further communication to understand the actual needs of customers.
  • Design
    Professional engineers provide design solutions.
  • Detail
    Negotiate orders and tooling details, etc.
  • Sampling
    Provide 2D/3D drawings and samples.
  • manufacturing
    Customized packaging, fastest delivery time.
  • Transportation
    One stop logistics service for fast customs clearance.
  • Delivery
    After the product is delivered, the customer inspects the goods..
  • After-sale service
    After-sale service
    All products have quality assurance for whole service life.
  • feedback
    Thanks for your positive feedback and look forward to further cooperation.


  • 01
    Commitment to Quality
    Product quality refers to the careful and responsible development of products, as well as the co-ordination and completion of manufacturing details; we also forge from high-quality production processes and selected materials, and only in this way can we ensure that we can provide every customer with durable, sustainable, valuable and safe furniture hardware products. Our products and services create greater benefits for our customers. We measure our success by creating more value for our customers.
    Commitment to Quality
  • 02
    Quick Sampling
    The success of a product usually depends on the speed of delivery, which directly affects the speed at which the product enters the market. Therefore, choosing the right furniture hardware manufacturer to collaborate with can greatly save you time and thus save costs and funds. Konidi's new product sampling service can take up to 7 days to quickly and efficiently complete your samples, accelerate market share, and win the lead.
    Quick Sampling
  • 03
    Making Tooling
    Before conducting customized mold opening, communicate with the customer about the 3D and 2D drawings of the product, provide a quotation based on the drawings or by making a prototype. KOLITY will take the initiative to sign a Non-disclosure agreement with customers to strictly protect their intellectual property rights. Within a certain period of time, it will not disclose customers' drawing information and product information to ensure that customers' products occupy favorable conditions in the market.
    Making Tooling
R&D Team
We own professional R&D team and senior R&D and design engineers, with over 30 team members. The personnel who have been engaged in the furniture and hardware industry for more than 5 years account for over 90% of the Kolity R&D team. We have obtained multiple patents, with leading design and excellent manufacturing capabilities, widely praised by domestic and foreign customers.
R&D procedure
Kolity new product development speed and quantity are always at the top of the industry. It only takes 7 days from the conception of the design concept to the release of the sample. The shortening of the R&D time is not only due to the joint efforts of the R&D team, but also thanks toKolity pursuit of quality and essence The corporate philosophy of radically improving technology, products and services.
Emphasize R&D and innovation work, and continuously increase investment in innovation and development. At present, the R&D center is researching more than 30 projects, developing more than 60 kinds of new products, and has 6 independent intellectual property rights. The company has obtained a total of 50 domestic and foreign invention patent authorizations, including 9 foreign patents.
R&D Team
R&D procedure

Quality control capability

QC Sampling Inspection
Quantity and appearance inspection of finished products; finished product specifications, logos, labels, and size measurements; on-site testing of finished product process/function; product packaging method/material inspection; inspection according to customer's special requirements; inspectors provide timely feedback during the full inspection process Product quality problems found in time.
QC Complete inspection
Kolity's full range of ex-factory products are based on standard samples and related technical parameters, and the products are 100% inspected.
Testing standard
We all adopt the internationally recognized "Acceptable Quality Limit" (AQL) for normal inspection single sampling quality. Our company adopts the most stringent acceptance value in the industry, and conducts comprehensive inspections on the appearance and function of different products to ensure that every hinge that leaves the factory meets customer acceptance standards.
Inspection equipment
Hinge damping tube life cycling testing machine
Slide rail damping tube life cycling  testing machine
Salt spray test machine
Spring life cycling  testing machine
Hinge life cycling  detection
Slide rail life cycling  detection
Carton inspection machine
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