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since 2000

Kolity was founded in 2000, formerly known as Foshan Jinteng Precision Hardware Products Factory.

It is the earliest enterprise in China to develop and manufacture hydraulic dampers for furniture hydraulic damping system .

Kolity provides innovative damping hardware technology support
for Chinese modern home furnishing enterprises
and is a driving force for the development of damping hardware technology in China.

The name Kolity is derived from the transliteration of the English word Quality,
indicating the early commitment made by Kolity from its inception.


Adhering to the concept of professionalism, focus, and innovation, Kolity has an independent product research and development team, adhering to independent research and development of core technologies. In the early stages of development, with high-quality hydraulic damping hinges, it gradually won the recognition and trust of the market.

With years of joint efforts by Kolity team, damping technology has become increasingly mature, and the product line has extended from a single hydraulic damping chain to fields such as hydraulic damping slide rails and aluminum frame door opening and closing systems. In the future, Kolity will continue to adhere to innovation and strive to provide more innovative and high-quality homes hardwares.

By relying on our designed products, customers can achieve higher investment returns through lower cost investments while meeting the highest delivery standards for end users.