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Case gallery: A case of cloakroom drawer hidden slides
Sep 11 2023
The following is the ODM case of cloakroom drawer hidden slides:
Customer requirements: A cloakroom brand is looking for a professional hardware supplier to provide high quality, personalised and customisable cloakroom drawer hiding slides.

Technical Solution: As a supplier, we need to provide professional technical support and solutions for the specific needs of customers. Considering the cloakroom's usage environment and users' needs, we tailor-made the parameters of drawer slides' size, damping and colour for the brand to ensure that the slides blend perfectly with the overall style and function of the cloakroom.

Design collaboration: During the product design and development stage, suppliers need to maintain close communication with customers to solve various technical difficulties and details in a timely manner. After many rounds of discussion and modification, we finally provide customers with high-quality, personalised cloakroom drawer hiding slides that meet their requirements.

Production Supervision: Suppliers need to strictly control the production process of the products to ensure quality control and delivery guarantee in every step. During the production process, raw material procurement, processing technology, surface treatment and other aspects need to be strictly controlled to ensure product quality in line with national standards and customer requirements.

Quality Inspection: After the completion of product production, the supplier needs to conduct a comprehensive quality inspection of the product to ensure that the performance and quality of the product meets the customer's requirements. In the testing process, professional testing equipment and instruments need to be used to strictly test the performance indicators of the products to ensure that every detail of the products meets customer requirements.

Benefit analysis: Through the cooperation, the cloakroom brand has successfully launched a variety of high-quality and personalised cloakroom drawer hidden slides, which have gained market recognition and praise from users. At the same time, the supplier also achieved business growth and increased profitability.

In short, through the cloakroom drawer hidden slides ODM cooperation mode, we give customers the original cloakroom product upgrade empowerment, to achieve win-win situation.