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Case gallery: A case of customised waterproof hinges for a Southeast Asian customer
Sep 11 2023
The following is a case of customised waterproof hinges for a Southeast Asian customer:

Customer Introduction: A well-known construction company in Southeast Asia, which has undertaken several large-scale construction projects in the region.

Demand Analysis: The customer needs to use a large number of stainless steel waterproof hinges in the construction projects to protect the safety of the bathroom furniture, equipment and other items. After market research and analysis, we found that the air in Southeast Asia is humid, and the requirements for waterproof and rustproof are high, so the customer wants to seek a professional partner in this field to provide customised waterproof hinges for them.

ODM Solution: We provide professional waterproof hinges design, manufacturing and testing services according to the customer's needs, and ensure that the products comply with the relevant local standards and norms. At the same time, we also provide customers with relevant technical support and after-sales service to ensure the successful completion of their projects.

Mode of co-operation: We have signed a long-term strategic co-operation agreement with our customers, which specifies the rights and obligations of both parties. Customers provide us with specific product requirements and project information, and we carry out customised production and services according to customers' requirements. At the same time, we also established a close communication channel with the customer to solve various problems and feedback in a timely manner.

Benefit analysis: Through the cooperation, this customer successfully used high-quality and personalised waterproof hinge products to ensure the smooth progress and quality safety of their construction projects. At the same time, we also achieved business growth and profitability, and expanded our market and business scope in Southeast Asia.

In conclusion, through the cooperation model of customising waterproof hinges for customers in Southeast Asia, we have not only met their individual needs, but also successfully expanded our market and business scope. At the same time, we have established a close partnership with our customers, achieving mutual benefits and long-term development.