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Case gallery: Thick door cabinet hinge ODM case: customised high quality solution
Sep 11 2023
Abstract: A case study of our collaboration with a well-known overseas cabinet company to develop an innovative thick door cabinet hinge solution. This ODM case demonstrates collaboration, innovation and high quality product development between partners.

Background: Thick door cabinets are becoming more and more popular in the home furnishing market, however, due to the thickness of the door panels of 25 mm, traditional hinges are often unable to meet their needs. A cabinet company was faced with this challenge and sought to work with an ODM supplier to develop a high quality hinge solution for thick door cabinets.

Innovative Solution: Through in-depth research and numerous tests, the team finally designed an innovative 35 cup, 18-25mm door hinge solution for thick door cabinets with a door gap of only 1mm. the hinge is made of high-strength materials and advanced technology, which is able to withstand the weight of large door panels and provide smooth opening and closing functions. The solution also features a special cushioning design that allows the doors to close without noise or damage.

High-quality product development: During the development process, both teams paid attention to details to ensure that the quality of the product met the highest standards. They conducted numerous experiments and tests, including durability tests, load tests and salt spray tests, to ensure the hinges' durability and corrosion resistance.

Results of the ODM case: The result of this ODM case is a hinge solution designed for thick door cabinets. This hinge not only has high quality and reliability, but also meets the requirements of cabinet companies for innovation, effectiveness and user experience. Through close collaboration between the partners, the product was customised and offered a unique solution to the market.